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January 28, 2010

The happy hour situation is kind of out of control. Did you know that Falafel King in Pike Place Market has a happy hour? Fact. Also, did you know three of our better pizza places do too? Fact, fact, fact. Let’s discuss.

Tutta Bella would prefer that you call its happy hour the Aperitivo Italiano. The highlight of this discount, which is offered at all locations from 2 to 6pm Monday through Fridays, is the $6 Regina Margharita pizza. Tutta Bella’s décor is not so much my style, but the pizza is very, very, very much my style. Other discounts: $2 off all draft beers and wine by the glass and $3 off cocktails at Westlake and Issaquah. The wine comes with wee ramekins of olives. The one thing on the menu I will go ahead and steer you away from is the wood-fired flat bread with pomodoro San Marzano (tomato sauce with San Marzano tomatoes). Basically, it’s a pizza crust with tomato sauce on the side. Who cares about that? Otherwise, you are good to go.

I’ve told you before about the happy hour at Serious Pie, which has seriously sad hours (3 to 5pm weekdays) but if you can get there it’s a thing of magic. Five dollars buys you a mini pie. Order three among two people and call it dinner.

And then there is the happy hour at Via Tribunali, where three different pizzas (Margherita, Napoletana, Salame) are offered for $5. There are also specials on pints of Peroni ($3), and house wine by the half-liter and liter. ($8, $16). Here is where things get complicated: At the Belltown branch in the Croc, HH is 4-6pm and 11-close everyday. On Capitol Hill it starts at 10:30pm Sunday-Thursday, but at 11pm on Friday and Saturday. In Fremont, its 4-6pm and 10-close everyday, same thing in Georgetown. In Queen Anne, its 10pm-close everyday.

Got all that? Go get pizza.

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