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Wondering what happened to MiSuk Ahn?

The longtime Seattle bartender is no longer at the Living Room Bar.

January 20, 2010

People who had been around Seattle long enough to see MiSuk (Mi Suk? Misuk?) Ahn’s handiwork at the Alibi Room and Brasa were thrilled to learn she was bringing her mixology talents to the Living Room bar, the storefront drinkery that opened this fall on Capitol Hill.

So I was surprised, when I stopped by the bar in late December, to be served an Old Fashioned that was not the work of a well-trained bartender. I found the staff so sweet, however, and the space so freaking cool—warm yellow light, woodpaneled nooks and crannies—I didn’t want to write it off. I chalked it up to an off night and made a note to come back.

But now, perhaps, an explanation. I got an email from a reader last week that said a Living Room bartender told her that there had been “some kind of shakeup” and that Ahn had left. She was hoping I could find out where Ahn went so she could once again partake of her “drinks magic.” (So cute.)

I confirmed with owner Monika Proffitt that Ahn had left. “I have no idea where she is now,” Proffitt told me. “We have settled into our groove and brought in some close friends and old co-workers of mine to work the bar. It is starting to feel more like a family. Each week is better than the one before, so I guess the love is starting to show.” I haven’t been able to get ahold of Ahn directly, but I did contact Brasa chef/owner Tamara Murphy. “Misuk is on vacation," Murphy wrote to me in an email. "She isn’t working anywhere other than Brasa (part time) at the moment. I will let her know…that people miss her.”

Will keep you Ahn fans posted of any news gigs as I hear of them. Meantime I’ll be going back to the Living Room again, and I hope to have a really great cocktail this time.

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