Happy Hour

The Situation Improves at Licorous

Capitol Hill’s prettiest bar is a better place to be, thanks to a delightfully nerdy bartender and easy-to-remember happy hour.

January 18, 2010

Licorous used to have this crazy happy hour that ran only Tuesday through Thursday and, like, if Mercury was in retrograde or something.

Thankfully, this has been replaced with an easy to remember HH: it now runs Monday through Friday from 5 to 7pm and features half-price specialty cocktails. The normal price for those is $10, so we’re talking $5 drinks, my friends. I highly recommend the Rum Revival: Rum, hard apple cider, and Cinzano vermouth in an Eva Cream Sherry-washed glass.

There is also a new bartender, Marley, who is very pretty with a supershort hairdo and high cheekbones. When she talks about a drink’s history, it is not in that casual way that bartenders typically do. It’s more like she’s in the front row at a senior seminar on Mixology, and she’s studied harder than all y’alls. Her drinks back up her bookish factoids: she made me a Frisco—rye, Benedictine, lemon juice—that I can’t quite stop thinking about.

In the past I’ve lamented the service at Licorous. The Staff had a way of making me and mine feel like we had big gobs of spinach in our teeth, even when we didn’t. But things seem to be looking up what with Marley and the normal happy hour. I’ve always loved the look of the bar, the tasty snacks (the pretzel dots mini-sandwiches are like mall food that’s died and gone to heaven and then come back to earth so we can have a little taste of what mall food tastes like in heaven), and the drinks. And now I actually like being there.

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