Thanks for the lovely meal, dear.

A Valentine’s Day without a champagne-drenched feast is like a Valentine’s Day without nookie. Miss out on either and the holiday totally flatlines. We can’t help you with that second thing, sorry, but we will suggest this: seduce your sweetie with a homemade multi-course meal paired with surefire brands of bubbly.

Not sure what to make, and what to pair with it? Art Restaurant ’s sous chef James Deimling and wine-and-spirits guy Amir Vahdahi have you covered.

Start with prawns (Deimling likes African blue) tossed with pickled vegetables and horseradish, which goes nicely with a Billecart Salmon Champagne Brut Reserve. Next, try macaroni tossed in Beechers cheddar sauce. Bake it with blue cheese—English Shropshire is suggested—and add a crispy pretzel crust. A Gaston Chiquet, 1er Cru, Brut adds nice finish.

Break out Pierre Gimmonet, Cuis 1er Cru, Brut for the main course, pan-roasted loin of lamb. If you’re looking to really impress, dress up the dish with this recipe. Banfi Rosa Regale Brachetto, from Piedmont, Italy makes for a fine dessert beverage, especially when it’s washing down what Art calls the “bubble bath”—a white chocolate tub filled with angel food cake, white peaches, and strawberry ice cream.

If you want to test-drive some of these dishes, head to Art February 1-13, when the restaurant is offering the Bubble Menu, a champagne-driven three-course meal. Deimling and Vahdahi said all mentioned champagnes are available at Pike and Western for $45 and under.

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