Food Find for Five Dollars

Bluebird now serves light breakfast fare.

By Christopher Werner January 14, 2010

I have two priorities in the morning: to get clean and to get caffeinated. Breakfast often falls to the wayside, partly because I’m usually haulin’ it anyways and unless I’m downtown it’s not easy finding grub to go.

So it was with delight this Tuesday that I stumbled upon a fuzzy-eyed employee opening Bluebird at 8am. Turns out the ice cream parlor started serving light morning fare, such as the breakfast sandwich pictured to the left. It’s made by Seattle’s Domovoi Happy Foods and consists of organic free-range eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo, and you can choose between a bacon or tomato topping. We’re not talking anything totally gosh-wow—it’s $3.50, mind you—but, when you’re in a rush, it certainly does the job.

Where do you get your breakfast on the go?

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