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Happy Hour of the Week: Long Provincial

A happy hour that rewards healthy choices—including the one to skip the discounted drinks.

December 14, 2009


HOURS: Sun–Thurs 4–6pm, 10 pm–midnight, Fri–Sat 4–6 pm, 11pm–2am.
PRICES: food specials from $1.50; Drink mixed with Stoli, Jack Daniel’s, Bacardi for $4.

The way the happy hour works at the Jelly Bar at Long Provincial is that you get smaller portions of food items off the regular menu for discounted prices. Order a Tamarind Tree roll ($2.50)—Long shares owners with the beloved Tamarind Tree restaurant in the ID—and you get one roll cut in two pieces, half as much food as you would get off the app menu.

Drinkwise, there are discounts on any drink ordered with Stoli, Jack Daniel’s, or Bacardi. But you only get one liver in this life, remember. I suggest focusing on the food discounts, and sticking to Sapporo ($4) or ordering a full-price something on the rocks.

Contradicting HH food conventions, the best food choices here are light, simple dishes like the aforementioned spring rolls, which come stuffed with squares of freshly fried tofu. The best thing I’ve eaten at Long is the $4-at-HH beef salad (Goi bo): seared beef and thin ribbons of cabbage, carrot, pickled red onion, and herbs dressed with a limey, light dressing, topped with crushed peanuts, and served with a side of fish sauce.

The cinnamon pork rice balls ($3), however, were a case of sweet meeting savory when they really should have remained strangers—the pork was so aggressively seasoned with cinnamon that it was difficult to enjoy the crackly and crunchy deep-fried coating of green rice, which would have otherwise been quite wonderful.

I ordered the Asian mist ($8), a mixed drink that the menu lists as spiced rum, sugar, mint, and fresh lime juice. It was very beautiful, and tasted like a mojito flavored with vanilla-infused simple syrup. Where the vanilla came from, I can’t tell you. The Sparkling tamarind (Cognac, tamarind juice, sparkling wine, also $8) was equally comely but very much unbalanced. If you’re an occasional cocktail imbiber who doesn’t take the whole thing too seriously, you might enjoy one of these drinks. If you have a dogeared copy of Jerry Thomas and a snooty palate, drink a beer. Either way, the generous and mostly tasty food specials at Long Provincial make the endeavor more than worthwhile.

It’s not always about drinking, you know.


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