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The Boozy Gift Guide Part IV: Wine and Whisky Society at Canlis

Does your dad love the high life? This one’s for him.

December 7, 2009

The glass in question.

Category Luxury Light ($150-$500)
Best For Your father, the bon vivant.

My Dad is a quirky fellow with lots of odd hobbies and collections. I am getting him an O-Scale tavern for his model train set this year. Easy.

Your Dad, however, is a harder read. You think he likes the ties and golf-club cozies you’re always gifting him, but you have a sneaking suspicion he’d rather have something else. If your dad is of the wining and dining persuasion, you’re right. He’d rather have a year’s membership to Canlis’s Wine and Whisky Society.

Your $300 purchase will buy Pops:

1. exclusive invites to two yearly wine/whisky events at the restaurant (and when Canlis says “exclusive” they mean it. When your mom calls to complain that, thanks to your hoity-toity gift, “your father suddenly thinks he’s someone special,” don’t say I didn’t warn you).

2. a custom glass, etched with his membership number, that will be kept at the restaurant for whenever your father comes in for a drink. Will his golf buddies be impressed? His golf buddies will be impressed.

3. access to a super-secret special list of rare wines and whiskies from the Canlis collection, made available only to members.

4. first dibs on wine events etc, thanks to a members-only newsletter.

The entire Boozy Gift Guide is here.

[Photo Courtesy: Canlis]

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