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Beaujolais Day at Café Campagne

Thursday, November 19 is the day to fete it up French style.

November 12, 2009

In France, every third Thursday in November marks the Fete de Beaujolais Nouveau. Basically, everyone in the entire country—babies, dogs, you name it—samples the latest vintage of Beaujolais, a red wine made from gamay grapes. Café Campagne will be joining in the fun beginning at 4pm on Thursday the 19th, when the Pike Place resto will start serving the 2009 Beaj Nou for $7 a glass.

Now, wine lovers sometimes say that Beaujolais Nouveau—which varies in quality from vintage to vintage but is always pretty light and has nearly no tannic presence—is all hype. But ask a French person and he will tell you that the Fete de Beaujolais Nouveau is less about the Beaujolais and much more about the fete. In other words, don’t be grumpy, winos. It’s supposed to be a party!

Happy hour specials go from 4 to 6pm, (with dinner served from 5 to 10pm). Early birds, do not miss those mini lamb burgers. They are not to be denied.

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