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Sauced Recommends a Wine Dinner

Volunteer Park Café plus Efeste? Not to be missed.

October 21, 2009

Ericka Burke: proof that life isn’t fair.

I’ve never blogged about a wine dinner because frankly they’re often a little hoity-toity for our purposes here on Sauced, and because most people seem more into it for the food. But now here I am, recommending you reserve a place at Volunteer Park Café on November 14th, when the restaurant is hosting Efeste winemaker Brennon Leighton.

Let’s discuss Volunteer Park Café for a moment: not only is chef Ericka Burke ridiculously beautiful (even at a zillion months pregnant), she’s also crazy talented. I love her food. And VPC co-owner Heather Earnhardt is also ridiculously beautiful and makes these amazing desserts. And their restaurant is just the sweetest neighborhood cafe anywhere. It’s all so totally unfair, but there you have it.

Anyway, the cafe’s upcoming dinner will features wines from Efeste, a Woodinville-based winery with which I’m totally obsessed. Winemaker Brennon Leighton—who has an impish irreverence more typically found in beer people—will be on hand to pour wines and make you laugh a lot. Everyone likes Leighton’s 2006 Big Papa cabernet sauvignon, but I find his whites, in particular, to be really exciting. (He cut his teeth making whites for Chateau Ste. Michelle.) The 2008 Feral sauvignon blanc is among my favorite Washington wines.

I realize this whole post sounds super gushy, but this is a rare chance to attend a wine dinner brought to you by some very talented people, and with zero—absolutely zero—pretension. You gotta love that. Dinner begins at 7pm (don’t be late, it’s really embarrassing because the whole restaurant sits there waiting for you) and costs $95 a person, call VPC for reservations.


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