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Pizza Raccolto at Mioposto

A stunning autumnal pie in Mount Baker

By Kathryn Robinson October 26, 2009

For drop-in, low-tab, family-friendly cozy, complete with roaring oven, Mioposto just feels like where to go when the weather’s all a-bluster.

I dropped by a few nights ago and sank choppers into the pie of my October dreams: Pizza Raccolto In Autunno. On Mioposto’s pillowy and pale middleweight crust come heaps of butternut squash, goat cheese, and caramelized onions, the whole of which is punctuated with garlic and rosemary and red pepper flakes and drizzles of balsamic. And bacon. Which at Mioposto is pancetta, of course.

Does it sound good to you? Did to me. Tasted even better, especially for $11.75.

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