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Friday Night Specials: October 16

Here’s what’s cooking at Volterra, Ray’s, and Palomino…

By Leah Kraus October 15, 2009

Another Friday, another opportunity to sample some of Seattle’s finest cuisine…

Like a $7 butternut squash and pear soup at Volterra, which is also cooking up crispy pork belly and English peas (served with house made fettuccine and herb butter, and topped with goat cheese) for $16, or a house made boar sausage, paired with corona bean and pancetta ragu, wilted greens, and pecorino toscano, $23.

Ray’s Boathouse is preparing fresh Alaskan spot prawns with toasted basmati rice, tatsoi, lobster mushrooms, and smoked sungold tomato sauce, $26. Looking for something more casual? Head upstairs to the cafe, where panseared Quinault River sturgeon comes with creamed Washington russets, sauteed oxbow farm carrots, and grainy mustard cream sauce, $20.95.

Bellevue’s Palomino is all for filling up on fish: On hand are two types of fresh salmon—one served with asparagus, creamy parmesan polenta, artichoke remoulade, and tomato basil salad with lemon, $25; the other honey glazed and crusted in roasted peppercorn and served with pickled red onion, dill sauce, and baby field greens, $25. Or for $26 try the oven-roasted halibut and preserved lemon marinade, tomato confit, and arugula, or a fish and frites, artichoke remoulade, and malt vinaigrette frisee salad, $18. If you’re not feeling the fish, try the summer ravioli—spinach, ricotta, artichokes, and pine nut stuffing—with roasted yellow pepper coulis, pesto, and sweet pea slaw, $17.

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