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New Classic Cocktail Bar to Open in Greenlake/Ravenna

Farway so close… to settling on a location

October 27, 2009

Apparently we’re celebrating Rocky Yeh Day on Sauced (see post below). I just got off the phone with Paul Goodman, who, together with Yeh, is planning to open a bar this spring called Faraway. I knew that the duo was planning a classic cocktail bar, but here’s some news that should make you North Enders happy: Goodman says the 30-40 seat cocktail bar will be situated in the Greenlake/Ravenna area. “You shouldn’t have to go downtown to get a great cocktail," said Goodman, formerly of Hotel 1000 and Expedia. He has been working on the concept for over a year (Yeh came aboard about six months ago), and says he’ll run the business side while Yeh will man the bar, serving up small-batch spirits from both here and abroad. “We won’t have the usual crap like Smirnoff” Goodman told me.

Yeh has been tinkering with the menu, which will be composed of flavor-forward small plates like those at Oliver’s Twist (which Goodman cites as the only other great cocktail bar on that side of town). Exact location will be announced soon, I’ll keep you posted.

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