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Where to Eat Dinner Before the Paramount?

It’s a popular question

By Kathryn Robinson October 19, 2009

Dear Critic,

Now that the old Union Square Grill is defunct, and so is the Lost Lady American Cantina that replaced it…where can we eat before a show at the Paramount? We’re stumped.


Hungry in East Downtown

Dear HED,

You are not alone. This question probably comes my way a good three times a month.

A few ideas.

If your show’s on a Thursday, then, lucky you: Proceed directly to Farestart’s website to see who the guest chef is on your particular night, and whether or not it’s sold out.

(If it’s Thursday, November 12, then unlucky you: It’s Poppy’s Jerry Traunfeld volunteering in the kitchen—but it’s sold out.)

If your Paramount tix are for an October show, you might consider Urbane, which is participating in the three-courses-for-$30 Urban Eats promotion.

If its happy hour you’re hankering for, head straight for Barolo for its sexy Italian food and lots of it, priced with ridiculous affordability.

Finally…big news is promised for December, if you can wait that long. That’s when William Belickis plans to debut MistralKitchen, the Downtown refashioning of Mistral, the Belltown boutique eatery that for a few years was the quietest sensation in that loud neighborhood.

Enjoy the show.

The Critic

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