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Cheap Date: Homegrown

Sandwiches for the sustainable-minded. Really good ones, at that.

By Nick Feldman October 7, 2009


If ever Seattle was missing a mid-day meal destination for the sustainable-minded, childhood friends Ben Friedman and Brad Gillis have heeded that call with Homegrown, a new-ish sandwich joint inconspicuously located on Fremont Avenue.

Friedman and Gillis’s goal is to make every aspect of Homegrown’s operations eco-friendly—they don’t use bottled water, all products are 100 percent compostable and recyclable, and ingredients are organic, local, and/or sustainable (check the massive chalkboard to see which sourcers fall under what category). All this while creating a truly gourmet (albeit affordable) product.

Choose from over a dozen different options; half sandwiches range from $5-$6.50, and whole ones will run you no more than $12. I highly suggest ordering the immaculate creations on Boulangerie Nantaise or Essential Baking Company breads, but if you’re cutting out the carbs (is that still an in thing?), you can also opt for a handful of salads for a similar price. And beginning Oct. 12, the sandwich shop will offer breakfast, too. Check out the offerings here.

With a $10 bill, I ordered the turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich on country bread, with a side of the South Carolina slaw. Though the portions were less than impressive, the taste and quality of my artfully crafted meal won me over. Read: I’ll be back.

What’s the must-try item?
[Friedman] “Our must-have pick is the flank steak or the turkey bacon avocado; those are my two faves, and they’re both pretty meaty sandwiches. The flank steak comes with sliced Portobello mushrooms and South American-style chimichurri, and the turkey comes with a homemade aioli and melted Gouda, so it’s nice and garlicy. If I had to call it, those are both the house favorites.”

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