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All the news that’s fit to drink for the week of October 12th.

October 16, 2009

Sazerac, where the happy hour inspired Bethany Jean Clement to employ a much cliched Cajun-French phrase. But in a good way.

It was a busy week for Seattle bartenders. A rep from the highly fetishized Chartreuse made the rounds, stopping at Rob Roy and Vessel. Speaking of Vessel, the swanky cocktail bar turns three next week. To celebrate, on Monday, October 19th Jay Kuehner, Anu Apte, and several other guest bartenders will squeeze in behind the bar to mix you drinks that will likely fetishize all sorts of liqueurs and spirits. They’re sure to be delicious.

Pike Brewing also celebrates its anniversary, the craft brewer is turning 20. (Scroll down to the post below for details.)

And in other news:

Seattle Weekly’s Maggie Savarino—who recently riled up Tavern Law fans with a cranky column skewering the “speakeasy” concept—got some love from Nancy Leson (All You Can Eat); she enjoyed Savarino’s story about winemaker Doug Graves. [ST]

Also at the Seattle Times, possibly maybe good news for the economy: Melissa Allison reported that latte and premium wines sales are on the upswing at Safeway. (Lattes and vino: Two things I confess I have not given up in the recession. If drinking good espresso and wine means dining on spamburgers and darning my own socks, you better believe I’ll go there.) [ST]

The Stranger’s Bethany Jean Clement goes crazy at Sazerac’s happy hour. (Pull quote: “It’s 185 seats of les bon temps actively roulez-ing, with beer, wine, and cocktails priced to move at $3 to $6, and more than two dozen small plates under $10.”) [S]

Woodinville Wine Update has news of a tasting room opening in November. [WWU]

Finally, it’s not so much from this week but Paul Clarke has made eggnog with Fernet Branca. I figured you wouldn’t want to miss out on that. [CC]

That’s it for this week’s news, may your weekend be full of delicious and fetishizable potables.

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