Eric Kwasi Tay proudly shows off his new restaurant.

New to Queen Anne’s ethnic eats scene: KwaTay’s Restaurant and Lounge. First-time restaurateur Eric Kwasi Tay and his friend-slash-operations manager Cassandra Harris—both natives of Ghana—are opening the Ghanaian restaurant Saturday.

The bubbly Harris makes no mystery about her epicurean bent—“Oh my God! I’m such a foodie!”—and crafted KwaTay’s menu around the home-cooking she misses so much. KwaTay’s will feature traditional Ghanaian dishes like palm nut, ground nut, and pepper soups (think habanero, not black), all of which contain signature balls of fufu. Fufu is made by boiling and mashing together cassava (or yucca) and plantain.

Expect plenty of the bold flavors and distinct spices inherent to Ghanaian cuisine, as Harris promises diners the “vivid and colorful aromas” of her homeland. Spicy red pepper, nutmeg, bay leaves, yellow curry, palm nut oil, and shito (a Ghanaian hot sauce made from dried fish, vegetable oil, tons of red pepper, black pepper, and salt) will all appear in dishes.

While the menu’s certainly Ghana-centric, Harris said she’s willing to feature dishes from other African countries if customers are craving them and willing to instruct her kitchen. “We want this to be a place of unity. We want people to feel like, I can go in here and eat and feel like home.”

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