Friday Night Specials: August 28th

Three restaurants. Three specials. One evening out. What’ll it be, Seattle?

By Rachel Solomon August 28, 2009

It’s worth crossing the fois gras picket for well-wrought specials at Lark

Congratulations, you’ve survived another week in the corporate world! Take your tastebuds on the town tonight and celebrate at one of these fine dining establishments.

At Dahlia Lounge, Tom Douglas wants to start off your weekend on an aquatic note. Savor a dish of wood-grilled Alaskan king salmon served with Willamette Valley corn, chanterelles, and huckleberries for $31.

Meanwhile at be-still-our-hearts charming Brad’s Swingside Café in Fremont, enjoy a free-range organic chicken breast roasted with vegetables and stuffed with fresh herbs, lemon puree, ginger, shallots, and garlic, and served with a wild mushroom risotto for $22.50. Or, for $27, try the Sicilian seafood farfalle with gremulade, lemon, capers, pine nuts, sweet onion, shaved garlic, saffron, and four different kinds of seafood: white king salmon, halibut cheeks, Dungeness crab, and fresh Canadian yellow eye.

For small plate cuisine, head over to Lark for an adventurous soft-shell crab with a Moroccan-style prep for $17. The dish is fried and tossed with harissa paste, and served with a cool mint yogurt and a carrot, cumin, and preserve lemon salad. For $19, indulge in 90 Farms lamb chops with polenta, black olive jus, and marinated eggplant.

Enjoy your meal. Heck, enjoy your whole weekend.

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