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Tiki Freakies Unite: Tiki Party at Vessel

This Sunday, August 2 beginning at 2pm.

July 28, 2009

Portland Tiki Nut Blair Reynolds will be mixing the punch.

I went to dinner with one of my oldest and most beloved friends last night, who was in town with his girlfriend to visit her family. “Ugh,” I said when he called to make plans. “It’s so hot.”

“So you have become one of them?” he asked, laughing. “When I left New York it was like 103 degrees with 87 percent humidity. I’m like, loving it here.”

He has a point. Still and all, it’s hot.

All the more attractive, then is the idea of a Tiki party: Hawaiian shirts, punch coolers, summer. Vessel is having one this Sunday, August 2nd and Blair Reynolds, Tiki blogger at Portland’s Acadia Bistro, will be mixing up his expert concoctions.

The bar will open early—at 2pm—and the party goes to close. Wear something tacky—I mean tiki.

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