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Dry Soda is feeling your flavor

What sort of soda should the local fizz company make next?

July 8, 2009

Over at its Twitter account, Dry Soda—or presumably, some representative of Dry Soda—is asking “if you could create any flavor of DRY Soda, what would it be?”

This is actually a conversation that I have with other beverage freaks/local soda guzzlers. Not just necessarily about Dry, but about gourmet sodas in general—for which bartenders find many a creative use in mock- and cocktails alike.

Now, Jones soda tends to get a little too crazy for my purposes (Christmas ham soda?) and I like that Dry soda has kept a lean line of flavors, and that it keeps things not to sweet and really honors the ingredients from which the beverages are fashioned.

But I like the idea of plum or rainier cherry, or maybe one with chervil? Brian Troxell, the bartender at Café Flora, says he could find a lot to do with a mint-flavored soda. Chefs around here are always cooking with Dry, wonder what they’d like to see.

Bit of weirdness: I got a press release even as I was writing this soda post: Rovers in Madison Park will be hosting a multicourse dinner featuring Dry soda pairings on August 2 at 5pm. Price is $60, a designated driver is unnecessary.

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