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Fourth of July Cocktail from Canlis

A rye whiskey and beer mixer to channel colonial times

July 3, 2009

One final Fourth of July cocktail before the holiday: This one comes from James MacWilliams and while it may befit a slightly fancier get-together than Bohrer’s cooler cocktails, it’s very simple to prepare.

I like that it employs rye whiskey, which is such an American spirit—it is what our forefathers drank, after all. It also has a great peppery, bitter flavor which is a welcome reprieve from bourbon…even for those of us who like our bourbon.

Declaration Cocktail

By James MacWilliams, head barman, Canlis.

In a 12 oz glass, mug, or boot, pour:

1 oz Pyrat rum.

“Any fruity rum will do,” says MacWilliams, “but we did commit mutiny after all."

.75 oz Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, which the bartender describes as “high proof and spicy.”

.75 oz brown sugar syrup

6 oz Ale. “I like something malty with body—Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale is my choice,” says MacWilliams, calling it “a beer Jefferson might have brewed.”
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