Yummy stuff like this, and a whole lot more, at the I.D. Art Walk Saturday.

This Saturday, the International District hosts the first-ever Chinatown ID Art Walk. The much buzzed-about event features more than 30 local artists, tea ceremony demos, screenings of Wes Kim’s short film Cookies for Sale and the documentary The Cats of Mirikitani, and live music.

Here’s what we’re most stoked about: Fortuna Café, Gourmet Noodle Bowl, Henry’s Bento, J Sushi, Kaname, Kau Kau BBQ, Pacific Café Hong Kong Kitchen, Phnom Penh, and Unicorn Crepes will serve specialty dishes for $5 and under. Fill up on pork boxes, beef noodle soup, strawberry custard crepes, tofu bento, BBQ pork, and so much more. Man, our tummies are rumbling already.

“Sometimes our neighborhood flies under the radar, but after this event we’re hoping people will continue to visit and enjoy what the district has to offer,” said Fen Hsaio of the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority.

Two more walks are planned for the third Saturday of August and September, and if all goes well, Hsaio said the event will become an annual thing.

Here’s to hoping it does—an I.D. food binge is something we could gladly get used to.

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