DON’T SAY WE NEVER do anything for you. Seattle Met editor Christopher Werner went on a milk-shake bender—braving big-time brain freeze and a five-digit calorie count (during swimsuit season, mind you)—to find the most flavorful frappes around. Here, his list of our city’s richest, creamiest, most scandalously indulgent frozen dairy desserts.

Chai, B & O Espresso

The cinnamon and nutmeg in B & O’s perfect homemade chai lend zesty bite to the mix, making for a very adult version of the classic kiddie dessert. B & O Espresso, 204 Belmont Ave E, Capitol Hill, 206-322-5028;

Espresso, Husky Deli

A buttery-sweet blend of espresso shots and the legendary West Seattle sweet spot’s handmade cappuccino chip ice cream, this one takes the caffeine kick to a deliciously dark and rich level. Husky Deli, 4721 California Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-937-2810;

Chocolate, Luna Park Café

The simple recipe—vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup—belies the thick, velvety fudge bliss that awaits anyone who sips this signature shake. Luna Park Café, 2918 SW Avalon Way, West Seattle, 206-935-7250;

Nutella, Lunchbox Laboratory

It’s a cliché to call desserts “sinful,” but when the world’s most over-the-top gourmet burger shack mixes the world’s most over-the-top dessert spread into a milk shake, no other word will really do. This hazelnut treat is an exercise in hedonism that only Lunchbox Lab would dare design. Lunchbox Laboratory, 7302½ 15th Ave NW, Ballard, 206-706-3092

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