Things We Learned on the Coffee Tour

May 22, 2009 Published in the June 2009 issue of Seattle Met

ANGELA SHEN, the force behind Savor Seattle Food Tours kicked off a new epicurean expedition in April. Chocolate and Coffee Indulgence Tour is a highly caffeinated java- and chocolate-sampling odyssey—from Pike Place to the top of the Space Needle—during which Shen dishes on Seattle’s greatest vice. (Most alarming: Our public waters are so polluted with caffeine that fish show signs of withdrawal if placed in caffeine-free H2O.) We couldn’t have answered the following questions before Shen schooled us. Can you?

1) The first coffee company to start in Pike Place Market?

2) Seattle’s the second most caffeinated U.S. city. Who’s got us beat?

3) What well-known local entrepreneur helped foot the bill on Howard Shultz’s $3.7 million dollar acquisition of Starbucks?

4) The fictitious Café Nervosa on Frasier was modeled after what local coffee shop?

5) Which brand of joe do they drink on Grey’s Anatomy?

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