I Said, Arrrruhhhooo!

Orcas in Puget Sound are shouting their conversations to be heard over the clamor of fishing boats and container ships. But there could be more at stake than just noisy underwater neighbors.

10/20/2009 By Karen Quinn

Purchase Power

The Final Days of Free Money

Time to get the home buyer’s tax credit is running out, but with slow moving mortgages there may be less time than you think to cash out. Plus, Normandy Park sees a big boost in closed sales.

09/22/2009 By Matthew Halverson


Twelve Things I Learned While Reporting the Election This Summer

What I learned about Seattle politics from tweeting public forums, City Council meetings, legislative district meetings, press conferences, and campaign kickoffs.

07/16/2009 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick


Things We Learned on the Coffee Tour

Savor Seattle Food Tours kicked off the Chocolate and Coffee Indulgence Tour in April. Here, some Seattle trivia we learned on the citywide expedition.