Occupy Seattle Got a Boost from a Nineteenth-Century General

Occupy Seattle takes cues from Robert’s Rules of Order, guidelines for deliberative meetings developed by U.S. Army brigadier general Henry Martyn Robert in the 1870s.

11/23/2011 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick


Seattle City Council Faces Big Fiscal Challenges

The newly minted Seattle City Council will face an economic crisis like no one could have imagined just a few years ago.

10/14/2011 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick


Seattle City Council Incumbents Defend Their Seats

The 2011 fight for the Seattle City Council is all about dethroning the incumbents: Jean Godden, Tom Rasmussen, Tim Burgess, Bruce Harrell, and Sally Clark.

09/21/2011 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick


How City Council Candidates Separate Donors from Their Dollars

Labor Day weekend is when voters traditionally start paying attention to local elections, but Seattle City Council candidates have been paying for that attention for months. In fact, there’s been a fundraising arms race—one in which alliteration and rhyme

08/19/2011 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick


Christian Sinderman Keeps Powerful Pols in Power

Four incumbents in this year’s city council election (Tim Burgess, Bruce Harrell, Tom Rasmussen, and Sally Clark) and one challenger (Maurice Classen) have jumped on the Christian Sinderman consulting train.

07/20/2011 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick


Seattle City Council Candidate Crib Sheet

A handicapper’s guide to the Seattle City Council primary (August 16) and general elections (November 8).

06/29/2011 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick


Bike with Mike

For Mayor McGinn, who campaigned as the Pedaling Populis, the morning commute is an uphill climb.

04/21/2010 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick


The Wi-Fi of Oz

Is Mayor Mike McGinn’s dream of municipal wi-fi a viable vision for America’s most techie city?

01/22/2010 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick


Twelve Things I Learned While Reporting the Election This Summer

What I learned about Seattle politics from tweeting public forums, City Council meetings, legislative district meetings, press conferences, and campaign kickoffs.

07/16/2009 By Johnathon Fitzpatrick