Where am I supposed to get my chocolate ganache cake now?

Sweet Subtraction

Issaquah’s favorite dessert shop goes toes-up

By Kathryn Robinson April 27, 2009

So I was at Gilman Village over the weekend when I saw it: A moving truck parked outside Sweet Addition, the best dessert shop on the Eastside.

Make that the best former dessert shop on the Eastside. "Landlord issues," explained owners Steve and Jonelle Kowalsky, carrying equipment out of the bakery they bought from Steve’s parents. The bakery that’s kept Issaquah in chocolate ganache cake and peanut butter pie for 20 years.

They looked sad so I tried to not make it about me. (But seriously: it kind of is about me. I mean, their cheesecakes…)

The good news is that the Kowalskys are going to cater now. (A website is under construction but here’s the email address: [email protected])That might be slim consolation for the woman who tearily told the Kowalskys she regularly got great quality time with her teenage son over slices of pie here…but it’s something.

Meantime, Gilman Village continues to hemorrhage businesses; the place is looking empty as my grieving belly.

Losing this beloved institution isn’t going to help.

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