Department of Sushi and Crudo

A Tale of Two New Restaurants

Gotta love anyone with the spine to open in these times

By Kathryn Robinson March 3, 2009

Two colleagues…two new restaurants…two ear-blistering raves:

One, Moshi-Moshi Sushi, is the three-week-old enterprise of the folks from Bricco Della Regina Anna, that beautiful-people magnet-slash-wine bar on the top of Regina Anna Hill.

Moshi-Moshi (“hello” in Japanese) traffics in sushi—“amazing sushi,” burbled my friend—with a deeply authentic streak. “And there’s a cherry tree inside, lit with most beautiful pink lights,” she sighed. Looks like Ballard Ave may have another winner…anyone else been there yet?

The other new joint is, of course, Ethan Stowell’s Anchovies & Olives, which opened exactly 258 hours ago. (I know this because they sent out an email the moment they opened—5pm Feb 20, to be exact—which testifies to the number of foodophiles who were on the edges of their seats waiting.)

(And need I introduce Ethan Stowell? Union? Tavolata? How to Cook a Wolf? No, I didn’t think so.)

According to my mole, the place is already knocking it out of the park. The deal is Italian seafood, with lots of crudo, stunning anchovies, a killer gnocchi, and a white-only wine list.

Very urban, very sleek, very minimalist, and very very good, she pronounced.

Can’t wait. Only 840 hours til I can make my first official visit…

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