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Pizzeria Down

Pizza Fusion fails to make it in Seattle

By Kathryn Robinson March 25, 2009

It seemed like such a slam-dunk.

Pizza. National chain. Huge annoying PR campaign (they must’ve called me 83 times) pre-opening. Green. (Did I say green? I meant crazy OCD green, from its dual-flush toilets to its organic toppings to its fleet of Prius delivery cars.)

Politically correct pizza for a politically correct town. That tasted really, really good. And in the hottest restaurant district in three states, Pike/Pine.

What the heck happened? "Current economic climate," apologized the voice mail message. Was it all those spendy organic vegetables? The biodegradable "SpudWare" utensils made of potatoes? Overhead in the stylish Trace Lofts building?

Sigh. Farewell Pizza Fusion…we hardly knew ye.

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