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Cheap Wine for Weeknights: Half-price Bottle Nights

Where to go on which nights for deeply discounted bottles.

March 2, 2009

Did you ever stop to think about how much money you’ve spent on wine in restaurants? Scar-ey.

But that’s the magic of half-price bottle nights: all of the wine joy, no anxiety-inducing tab. Personally, I prefer going to restaurants on off nights anyway—service is better, reservations are unnecessary, booths are abundant. So, for your drinking-while-dining-out pleasure, I’ve assembled a list of half-price nights at winecentric spots around town. As always, would love to hear about the deals I’m missing.

As if you needed an excuse to head out to Woodinville: Every Sunday and Monday evening, Fireside Cellars at Willows Lodge takes 50% off wines under $50. Meanwhile in Madison Valley, what may be my favorite wine deal in town: Every Sunday, Voila! Bistrot offers its entire list for half price. This place is so weknowwhatwearedoing French I wouldn’t hesitate to order any thing they are selling by the bottle (or, for that matter, the plate).

Monday night, head up the hill for Tango’s deals on select Spanish and Argentinean wines—which pair perfectly with their paella for two. Kirklanders, meanwhile can take advantage of 50% off $50-and-under wines at that city’s branch of Purple Café and Wine Bar. (The other two locations do 50% bottles on Sundays.)

Tuesday is the night to try newish Italian-Spanish tapas restaurant on Tenth Avenue East: Tidbit Bistro. The whole list—Spanish, Italian and Northwest alike—is 50% off.

Wednesday, get to the The Capitol Club in time for happy hour and you can have $5 tapas with your deeply discounted vino. Wednesday is also the night Stumbling Goat Bistro gives you a break on the bill—slicing prices on a selection from its extensive list.

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