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New Croc Opens Tonight!

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March 19, 2009

The New Stage at the Croc

I hadn’t lived here very long when the Crocodile shut down in 2007, but I’d of course heard about it. Every flannel-clad kid in America fantasized about seeing their favorite band—whose CDs we now bought at the Sam Goody in the local mall—there back before they got huge. So for me then, the reopening of the club tonight is a second chance to see a place that’s been in my imagination for years. For longtime locals who actually knew and loved the Croc, it is, of course, so much more than that.

Outpost (one of those longtime locals) and I finally got to tour the new Crocodile yesterday. We also had a chance to hear some music, albeit recorded, and it sounded amazing.

When you go tonight, note that the main entrance and ticket booth have been moved; they are now on Blanchard. Also note the new medievally sign above the door. When you walk in, you’ll find a branch of Via Tribunali where the cafe used to be—it was still kind of a dusty mess when we saw it but there were some awesome half moon-shaped black vinyl booths that look like something out of Carlito’s Way.

Also, do be sure to have a look at the bathrooms. Rep Kerri Harrop compared them to the inside of a wedding cake, and she’s not kidding. There are marble-top counters, gorgeous white tiles…an absolutely insane setup for a rock club. Go see before the virgin is sacrificed.

Other changes include a bigger stage, now set against the North-facing wall; a bigger downstairs bar (across from the stage. You no longer have to leave the room to get a beer); and an upstairs annexed bar that will provide excellent views of whatever live act you’ll soon be supporting there.

Anyway, yeah. New Croc!

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