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The folks we have to thank for Caffe Vita have given Seattle Neapolitan pizzerias with atmosphere so thickly Italian you could cut it with a pizza wheel. They’re storefront slots making little visible to-do from the street and going enchantingly dusky in the evening. As for what they serve, it’s the real Neapolitan deal: springy, salt-licked, heat-blistered crusts sparsely topped with sprightly tomato sauce, along with every imaginable combination of mushrooms, bufala mozzarella, fresh garlic, cured meats, fresh sausage, and so on. The pies are slid into the roaring brick oven for, oh, 20 seconds or so, whereupon all they’ll need for company is an olive- and prosciutto-packed house salad, a good bottle of sangiovese, and an appreciative maw. Don’t bother with a doggie bag: The Trib’s pies, ephemeral joys, go soggy upon cooling.

Meal Times
Dinner, Happy Hour, Late Night
Good to Know

Via Tribunali: Capitol Hill

913 E Pike St, Seattle, WA, 98122
Capitol Hill  •  206-322-9234
5pm–2am daily

Via Tribunali: Georgetown

6009 12th Ave S at S Bailey St, Seattle, WA, 98108
Georgetown  •  206-464-2880
Mon–Thu 11–11 <br /> Fri 11am–midnight<br /> Sat 5pm–midnight

Via Tribunali: Fremont

4303 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98103
Fremont  •  206-547-2144
Sun–Thu 4pm–11pm <br /> Fri & Sat 4pm–midnight

Via Tribunali: Queen Anne

317 W Galer St, Seattle, WA, 98119
Queen Anne  •  206-264-7768
Mon–Thu 5pm–11pm; Fri & Sat 5pm–midnight; Sun 10am–2pm, 5pm–11pm