That Empty Feeling

Belle Epicurean’s Website is Better Stocked

By Kathryn Robinson February 5, 2009

Popped into the lushly marbled Belle Epicurean at the Olympic Hotel on that really frigid day last week for a cup of steaming soup and one of baker Carolyn Ferguson’s indescribable brioches. “Oh—out of soup today,” apologized the counter server. Alrighty then… sausage en croute? “Uh—sorry, out of that too.” Hmmm…a blue cheese roulade salade?

Her expression made a deer caught in headlights look right on top of things.

So I ordered a rosemary potato brioche bun and my friend had the muffuletta, both of which we enjoyed at the people-watching window perches on B.E.’s pretty bent-wood stools.

But what up with the AWOL menu items? It happens to the best of restaurants, from time to time, of course. But, The Tablehopper asks: Would it really be so hard to let customers know before they order?

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