Photo: Oliver’s Twist

My partner in blog over at Wear What When really inspired me with her call to support local businesses in these tough times. Yes, there’s a part of all of us that wants to hole up at home all weekend drinking wine from a box and slurping Top Ramen, but check this out: Local bars and eateries are falling all over themselves to bring you drinking and dining deals without sacrificing quality. There are tons of opportunities to cheer yourself up and help out an indie business owner as well.

Here’s one for this weekend: happy hour at Oliver’s Twist. What more appropriate place to go out during recession, after all, than a bar with a Dickens theme? The small plates and specialty cocktails are truly inspired, and from 5-7 daily they take $2 off the mixers $1 off all food.

Drinkwise, I suggest the very of-the-moment charlotte #2: Maker’s Mark, lillet blanc, creme de peche, lemon, and peach bitters. The sweet-and-sour peach flavors aren’t a bit cloying; It’s a cocktail with a light touch but a lingering finish. It’s also an opportunity to sample two very hip spirits: lillet blanc (see this lillet piece from Seattle Met’s December issue) and bitters. I’m willing to bet your favorite local gastropublican is steeping a jar of homemade bitters behind the bar as we speak.

When it comes to food, I’d steer you toward the roasted fingerling potatoes with duck fat and aioli (Don’t fear the reaper, these are small plates after all)—$5.50 at happy hour. It goes great with the light pear-arugula salad drizzled with truffle oil, $5 at the HH rate.

Now get there and start drinking, Seattle. Your neighbors need you.

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