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Happy Hour of the Week: Stumbling Goat Bistro

January 27, 2009

Photo: Stumbling Goat Bistro

HOURS: Tue-Sun 5-7
PRICES: $2.50 beer
$4 cocktails and wine
$3-$6 small plates

Tues-Sun, 5 to 7 pm
$4 cocktails and house wine, $2.50 beer. Apps $3-$6.

The food at the Stumbling Goat is farm-to-table delicious, but I’m sorry I just can’t get behind the heavy carpeting and long-ass drapes. When I pay $26 for a couple of scallops, I like at least some aspect of the interior not to be the decorative equivalent of a long, sad sigh.

But when I’m washing down chicken wings with cheap pints, I don’t really care. From five to seven in the lounge here, you can sidle up next to some first-rate junk food (they use Rogue Creamery cheese to make their dipping sauce), drink a $2.50 pint or a $4 Ketel One martini(!), and call it a night. Plus I love that it runs through the weekend. That’s good business. Menu below.

Baby Greens
with balsamic vinaigrette 3.

Potato Croquettes
with Tomme de Savoie & house made ranch dressing 5.

Spicy Chicken Wings
with Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue Cheese 6.

Braised Collard Greens
with sweet peppers 3.

Bluebird Grain Faro “Fries”
with apple jack cream 5.

Braised Bbq Chicken Sandwiches
with fennel slaw 6.

House Roasted Sweet and Spicy Nuts 3

Cocktails 4

Maybe your grandfather drank this. Definitely old school. Simple, straight forward: Whiskey, club soda and ginger ale on the rocks.

Bombay or Ketel One, dry or with a twist, up or on the rocks; this old standard never fails to please.

Ketel One Citron, Cointreau & a splash of cranberry juice up darling….up.

House Red or White by the glass 4.00 Beer 2.50

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