By Kathryn Robinson January 7, 2009 Published in the February 2008 issue of Seattle Met

Quinn’s will give a portion of profits earned on Sunday, January 24th to relief efforts in Haiti.

IT’LL BUG YOU from the moment you walk into this pulsing Pike/Pine corner joint and take in the throng, all underlit and fabulous: What does this place remind me of? And then it’ll hit you, somewhere between the tender, crisp-skinned chicken breast and the smoked hanger steak in romesco —it feels more than a little like Restaurant Zoë, the Belltown sensation owned by the same guy who brought you Quinn’s. Scott Staples named his two places after his kids, and though Zoë is more of a destination restaurant and Quinn’s more of an in-and-out watering hole, the two share a deep culinary dedication (when’s the last time you had brandade in a pub?) and that ineffable who-knows-what that draws a crowd and declares it a party. The space is slick, soaring to two levels, lined with windows, staffed by the Village People, and crammed with fans since the second it opened. How does he do it?

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