IT WHISPERED its opening at the end of November, with nary a sign to announce its appearance. Lucky thing: This tiny whitewashed slot might have exploded from the deluge of Harvest Vine fans who’ve long awaited the arrival of the new Belltown bar. It was never the owners’ intention to duplicate their eminent tapas haunt in Madison Valley. No, Txori (pronounced “CHO-ree”) pays homage to the Basque tapas known as pintxos: nibbles so diminutive (two-bite nuggets of eggy tortilla or stuffed squid or chorizo) they make tapas look like full-on meals. Slightly larger dishes can be made in the open kitchen, most notably in the form of the deliriously flavorful braised pig or Serrano ham sandwiches called bocadillos, then served with all manner of wines and cocktails, Spanish and otherwise. The sum of all these small parts? A great big hit of Spanish verve—just the thing to take the chill off a Seattle February. Open daily 11am to 1am.

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