Walk into the new signature restaurant at Kirkland’s Woodmark Hotel and find yourself in what looks like a captain of industry’s lakeside home: Doors open onto the lawnside patio and waves lap the green just steps away. Oenophiles must live here, for across the tawny room an entire wall is loaded with bottles. Take a seat—anywhere’s fine, they all look out upon the pristine, steely lake—and open your menu, where you’ll see plates, small and large, of dishes like duck confit with crisped potatoes and pappardelle pasta with lamb ragout, each listed beside a complementary category of wines—“Formidable Reds” or “Fruit and Cream.” Pay closest attention here, for Bin Vivant is primarily and profoundly a wine-drinkers restaurant, where the food plays but a supporting role to 80-some wines by the glass—sweet dessert wines to Leonetti masterpieces—all preserved through a state-of-the-art argon gas system which stores open bottles for up to a month.

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