First it was larger-than-life Legos, then projected Van Goghs. Now it’s time for Littlefoot to take a turn. The Dinos Alive Immersive Experience comes to Seattle this April, and tickets go on sale today.

In SoDo, just up the street from one of those aforementioned Van Gogh exhibits, over 80 animatronic dinosaurs greet curious visitors this spring. Ticket prices start at $20, and bite-size dino snacks, er, fanatics (aka children under the age of three) are free.  

The exhibit, currently in Los Angeles, acts as a time machine, bringing visitors back to the land of the giants millions of years ago. Use VR to channel your inner Indiana Jones and explore the dense jungles of the Jurassic era, or see a digital aquarium of prehistoric sea giants come to life.

Aspiring paleontologists and archeologists can hone their craft in interactive educational stations under the careful watch of moving, lifelike T. rex, stegosaurus, and velociraptor teachers.

Event organizers say to allow for about 60 to 90 minutes to move through the entire family friendly experience. Then it’s back to being the apex predators in our own concrete jungle.

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