The Awesome Exhibit's life-sized Lego creations are proof that you don't have to outgrow your childhood toys.

Forget firefighters or ballerinas—if most kids knew there was such a thing as a Lego Certified Professional, it would be the only topic of discussion on Career Day. Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught is just such a person, and, alongside his team, poured 5,000 hours and more than a million Lego bricks into the interactive exhibition coming to Seattle Center on November 13. The Awesome Exhibition is a triumph for the Brickman team, following disappointing Covid-related cancellations of their Jurassic World Exhibit in Australia. 

Tickets went on sale yesterday for the opportunity to goggle at a life-size, anatomically accurate Harley-Davidson, an eight-foot-tall Orca weighing in at close to 700 pounds, a 24.5-foot-tall NASA rocket, a life-size saltwater crocodile—all constructed with preternatural finesse out of Legos. 

The exhibition is part of Seattle Center’s Winterfest, which also offers the opportunity to observe world-class ice sculptors (another thing we are tickled to learn is an actual job) at work, and live entertainment that ranges from stand-up to a performance by Mexican dance troupe Bailadores de Bronce.

And for parents all too familiar with the agony of stepping on Legos that have washed up on the living room floor like flotsam: Look upon these works, ye mighty, and despair, for your child is sure to leave the exhibition with several additions to their wish list. 

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