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Jeremy Bell Talks Peep Show: A Glimpse at Soul

The exhibition runs at ArtXchange Gallery through June.

By Stefan Milne May 25, 2021

Tick-Tock runs in Bell's Peep Show

Image: Jeremy Bell

Tick Tock

One of the things that I’ve come to realize is children are processing adult concepts but they’re processing them with children’s minds. The piece is called Tick Tock—I was thinking more so in terms of time. Whatever it is you’re exposed to as a child, it’s going to manifest later in time. But it’s also very interesting we have this application TikTok designed for children. You have this electronic device that is specialized in influencing…. I saw the base image—on the internet, somewhere—but I went in and made it black and white and took out some of the details and put the roses for eyes. One of the things that initially caught me is the little boy is wearing a hoodie. That has all kinds of associations—at least for me, I’m a Black male—so like Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie at the time. When I wear a hoodie, people perceive me differently. How is that interpreted by the individual but also outside in the greater society?

“The title, Peep Show, it’s very provocative. But the idea of getting this exclusive view into the inner workings of a person, essentially, is what I’m expressing with this show…. I want people to walk away with a deeper understanding that people in general are complicated, but also delicate in a way.”

—Jeremy Bell

Peep Show: A Glimpse at Soul
Jun 5–26, ArtXchange Gallery

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