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Artist Roger Shimomura Talks '100 Little White Lies'

The former Seattleite is showing 100 small paintings at Greg Kucera Gallery this month.

By Stefan Milne January 4, 2021

Little White Lies #1

Shimomura on the Chinatown–International District’s Bush Garden: “‘The Bush’ was the unofficial headquarters of Seattle Japanese American culture until it closed due to the…pandemic. The patrons, the conversations, the food and drinks and karaoke participants were all nightly celebrations filled with fun and love.”


Little White Lies #8

Shimomura calls his portraits of people in front of famous pieces of (mostly pop) art “a miniseries within a miniseries…. The idea was to create a questioning between site and personality.” Here’s Shimomura’s self-portrait in front of Roy Lichtenstein’s Torpedo…Los!.

“This suite of 100 small paintings titled Little White Lies, offers images and juxtapositions that may first appear random in relation to each other…. [It] is an attempt to make fresh sense out of nonsense, or to discover inherent truths in lies.”

—Roger Shimomura

100 Little White Lies
Jan 7–30, Greg Kucera Gallery

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