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What to Do After Work January 13–16

A London duo's millennial melancholy, DIY pickles, and the literary genre crossover no one asked for (but got anyway).

By Nicole Pasia January 13, 2020

The lyric "Where’s the emotional education we’re all looking for?" inspired the title of the duo's latest album.

Mon, Jan 13
IDER gives voice to millennial angst with ethereal synthesizers and electro-pop beats. On their latest album Emotional Education, the London duo delve into issues of mental health, intergenerational trauma, and identity. Barboza, $15 

Mon, Jan 13
We Can Pickle That!
Portland is basically Seattle’s eccentric cousin, so why not channel Portlandia by learning how to pickle your favorite foods? Chef Katie Bearfield from Joyce’s Market and Cafe will lead novices through the brine basics, and students will leave with three jars of their very own pickled produce, which may include dill cucumbers, spicy carrots, or summer squash. Joyce’s Market Cafe, $75 

Tue, Jan 13 (thru Jan 14)
The brainchild of Seattleites Porscha Shaw and Jay O'Leary, REVIVE is a multi-dimensional performance dedicated to rebuilding and empowering black identities in America. Acts of song, dance, and spoken word will celebrate a long-silenced culture. 18th and Union, $18  

Wed, Jan 15
Miniature Tigers
If the Brooklyn-based group’s melodic guitar riffs and mellow vocals remind you of early 2010s indie-pop bands (think Voxtrot or Seattle’s Telekinesis), well, it’s because they are one. Over a decade after its first album release, Miniature Tigers returns with a sixth record, Vampires in the Daylight, wherein frontman Charlie Brand chronicles a breakup and depression with surprisingly upbeat tracks and calming instrumental numbers. Crocodile, $18 

Thu, Jan 16
Hello from the Magic Tavern
To get the feel of this fantasy-comedy podcast, imagine if Danny DeVito and the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia bar landed in Middle Earth. Hello from the Magic Tavern is an improvised comedy show hosted in a magical alternate reality by mystical creatures like a wizard, a talking badger—oh, and a Chicagoan. Neptune Theatre, $29

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