Seattle-based singer-songwriter Meagan Grandall's Lemolo is on stage at the Crocodile on Friday.

Fri, Dec 13
Comb through descriptions of Lemolo’s music and words like “dreamy” and “soundscape” come up so frequently you might think the songs had been experienced in a fog, their clarity somehow glazed away. Sure, apply the terms to her third album, Swansea, as well. It’s still lush and a little diffuse, the sonic palate full of color and texture, strings and keys and layers of vocals. But there’s a new directness and grandeur. If landscapes are to be invoked, think mountains. Crocodile, $12

Fri, Dec 13
Open Vault: Rare and Holiday Aquavit Night
It’s a night for Scandinavian liquor at Skål, which opens up the cellar to supply patrons with rare aquavit (sort of like gin but driven by dill and caraway, not juniper). Expect one-ounce pours from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark at this one-night-only event. Skal Beer Hall, A la carte

Fri, Dec 13
Ryan Caraveo
This Seattle-born rapper tours the Northwest this week for his new album Butterfly Boy. Hitting the Showbox on Friday, Caraveo’s latest release packs his wistful lyrics, upbeat percussion lines, and sing-along inspiring melodies. Showbox, $20

Sat, Dec 14
In the last of three shows at the Pocket Theater, Miscast puts improvisers at the center of popular film and television shows to act out scenes that they haven’t seen, proving that if ignorance isn’t bliss, it can certainly be funny. Pocket Theater, $10

Sat, Dec 14
The Snowman
The Seattle Symphony offers a live soundtrack for the 1982 television adaptation of The Snowman with popular Christmas carol. Attendees can bring children an hour beforehand to explore some of the instruments from the performance. Benaroya Hall, $15–$25

All weekend
Sorry I Missed You
Directed by Andrew Coopman, this staged reading of Ryan Long’s new play Sorry I Missed You is told through answering machine messages. At the center is a teenage love story and a spiral of missed communication in Michigan. In order to make the performance as accessible as possible, Dacha Theatre offers a sliding scale payment option with a $1 minimum. Seattle Center, $1–$20

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