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Weekend What to Do July 5–7

A cabaret worthy of the underworld, a classic-to-contemporary Czech film festival, and a Mary Berry–approved cooking class.

By Sam Jones and Jonathan Olsen-Koziol July 5, 2019

Trombone Shorty plays the Neptune on Friday. 

Fri, July 5
The Devil's Circus—A Carnival Cabaret
You can expect all sorts of nearly-nude musical clownery at this circus-themed cabaret. Burlesque, pinup, and chanteuse performances will be accompanied by showgirls, a kissing booth, and tigers—we just hope not all in the same act. The Rendezvous, $15

Fri, July 5
Biscuits and Scones Cooking Class
Biscuits and scones may occupy different chapters of our cravings playbook, but to pastry chefs they’re two sides of the same spatula. Which is to say that these flaky breakfast staples are created with similar techniques, and Chef Ricky of Sizzleworks Cooking School will impart a few tips and tricks that would make even the Pillsbury Doughboy jealous. Add a sweet new recipe to your arsenal with white chocolate and strawberry scones; cheddar chipotle biscuits will alleviate the need to visit Red Lobster ever again. Citrus curds, American clotted cream, and housemade butter will round out this pastry party. Sizzleworks Cooking School, $100

Sat, July 6
Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue, Son Little
New Orleans–based Trombone Shorty is taking the stage with his touring band, Orleans Avenue, and rhythm and blues master Son Little. Shorty has opened for Hall and Oates and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and played on country albums. Now he's stepping into the spotlight with his deep-groove funk and pop swagger. Neptune Theatre, $40

Sat, July 6
Tanabata Star Festival
Origami, a tea ceremony, and a wishing station within the bounds of a Japanese garden—sounds peaceful, huh? This annual, family friendly festival stems from the legend of Orihime and Hikoboshi. The deities and lovers were separated by the Milky Way, only allowed to be reunited once a year, on the eve of July 7. If a little less celestial, at this celebration you can learn the art of paper folding, observe a sword demonstration, and listen to a Japanese drumming style known as taiko alongside the carefully curated garden and gallery. Seattle Japanese Garden, $8

Sat, July 6
Pulled Pork Dinner on the Farm
Pulled pork is a staple of crock pot aficionados everywhere—and now farm-to-table dinners too. Carnation Farms is hosting a post–July Fourth garden party with pulled pork sandwiches, a host of sides like spicy bacon black beans and roasted shallot potato salad, plus grilled pound cake for dessert. As if regular condiments weren't good enough, every order comes tossed with your choice of barbecue sauce. Quarter, half, and full pound servings of pork are also up for grabs if a sandwich just won’t cut it. Snoqualmie Valley’s scenic backdrop will remind you that King County isn’t just reserved for city slickers. Carnation Farms, A la carte

All Weekend
Czech That Film
This three-day, nine-movie festival celebrates Czech cinema, both new and classic, by showing films like Dukla 61, which recounts a mining mishap that killed 108, and Suitor, a romantic comedy set in Czechoslovakia during the communist regime. SIFF Film Center, $14 

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