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Didn't Catch Lizzo at Block Party? She's Playing Bumbershoot Too.

The festival just announced the rapper is one of its major acts.

By Stefan Milne July 22, 2019

Lizzo headlines Seattle's two major music festivals. 

After putting it off for over a month, and a couple of enigmatic tweets, Bumbershoot finally released its lineup in early June. The poster was lean on major names, with the Lumineers and Tyler, the Creator taking top billing. The sixth spot on the poster, though, was merely five stars. 

Today, perhaps taking note of how excited people were about Lizzo headlining Capitol Hill Block Party on Saturday night, Bumbershoot filled in the stars with, well, Lizzo. She plays on Friday, August 30. The rapper/singer is having a major year and adds a needed infusion of relevance to the festival, which lately has been on unsteady ground

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