Marc and Mark. 

“I’ve been a Mudfunny han for a long time," says Marc Maron to introduce his interview with Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm. The whole thing is off the cuff and exceedingly affable. Mudhoney had an album out last year, Digital Garbage, and Maron liked it so he invited Arm on his WTF podcast.

The interview runs about an hour, and aside from some standard beats—early Seattle punk, grunge, heroin—it's most worth a listen to hear about Arm's early life. His mom was born in Germany before World War II and wanted to be an opera singer, an aspiration she imposed on her son by trying to make him become a concert pianist; then he went to Bellevue Christian School and met a young punk cohort. Like most WTF interviews, the conversation roams. They talk about Arm's surfing hobby, about the former University District comedy club, Giggles. "That club was so weird," says Maron. At a certain point they both start trying to gruffly hum the guitar tone from the Stooges' “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” You can listen here; Arm arrives at the 30 minute mark.

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