Chicago rock band Post Animal comes to Chop Suey Saturday. 

Fri, Feb 8 
Tanya Tagaq

Inuk singer Tanya Tagaq bends punk, no wave, electronic, and Native sounds into some new, dreamy, dissonant thing—less a genre mashup than a new form of riveting, avant-garde sound sculpture. Just hear her version of “Caribou,” which careens between orchestral beauty and throbbing percussion so recklessly it makes the Pixies’s original feel downright straightlaced. Meany Hall, $37 —Stefan Milne

Sat, Feb 9
Post Animal

This five-piece, psychedelic outfit is equal parts chill, creepy, and nostalgic. Their debut LP, When I Think of You in a Castle, released last year, runs the gamut: “One Thing,” discordant and melancholic, holds its own next to carefree single “Ralphie.” Their first national tour follows sets at Bonnaroo and Shaky Knees last year. Chop Suey, $16

All Weekend
140 LBS: How Beauty Killed My Mother

When playwright and director Susan Lieu was 11, her mother died during a cosmetic surgery, and the physician was accused of medical negligence. Lieu chronicles the tragedy and discusses unearthing her mother’s identity, the doctor’s motives, and “impossible Vietnamese beauty standards.” Talkbacks will be held after the Saturday and Sunday performances. Theatre Off Jackson, $25

Shelf Medication
Consumerism is on trial at this Treason Gallery Show. Artist Daniel Joseph Bombardier, who goes by the pseudonym DENIAL, illustrates our relationship to brands through his large-scale, pop art creations. Fair warning: His aerosol stencil work will have museum-goers questioning their loyalty to their Instagram stories, Calvin Klein undies, even $5-foot-long subs. Treason Gallery, Free