Concrete Crumble

KUOW and Cafe Nordo Are Holding a Wake for the Viaduct

Shed a tear for your old commute time. Raise a glass to the fallen bridge.

By Rosin Saez January 23, 2019

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Image: WSDOT

Can you feel it yet: The tightening grip of the Seattle Squeeze suffocating your commute? The backroad buildup clogging arterial streets like high cholesterol? Mourn the loss of that extra hour of sleep you once had, sure. But grieve for the soon-to-be-demolished structure that caused it: The Alaskan Way Viaduct (April 1953–February 2019).

To bid farewell in a totally emotionally healthy way, KUOW and Cafe Nordo are hosting a wake in Pioneer Square this evening. Before the Viaduct goes from concrete to crumble next month, speak your peace. Have you any Rock 'n' Roll Marathon memories—perhaps a leg cramp on the bridge on the latter stretch of the route? Or maybe you caught the sunset one summer night cruising south? Perhaps you remember it as the merge from hell, designed by demons to torture you for what seems like eternity with semis clogging the left lane. Whatever your connection, KUOW wants to hear it, be that in story, song, haiku, spoken word poetry, or two straight minutes of muffled sobbing. Totally your call. (But you will have to sign up online to tell your story. Speakers are chosen randomly, and signing up won't guarantee you mic time.)

Even if you don't get on stage, you can raise a glass to the ol' hunk of highway.

Doors open at 6:30, the show starts at 7.

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