Car Seat Headrest

Oct 12 & 13 Following the huge critical success of 2016’s Teens of Denial, Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest took a couple left turns. He rerecorded his 2011 Bandcamp album Twin Fantasy, then absorbed local garage band Naked Giants into Headrest, turning what started as an intimate solo project into a rocking seven-man supergroup. But now, finally, the live wall of sound can offer sonic equal to Fantasy’s raw longing. Showbox Market

Books & Talks

Barbara Kingsolver

Oct 25 Whether she’s writing about the year her family grew its own food, garnering a Pulitzer nomination for a novel about the Belgian Congo, or exploring parallels between the 1880s and the present day in her newest novel, Unsheltered, Barbara Kingsolver maintains a voice profoundly singular—warm, intelligent, and engaged with both the human and natural worlds. Benaroya Hall

Classical & More

Seu Jorge

Oct 23 Perhaps the greatest artistic triumph of The Life Aquatic belonged not to Bill Murray or even, exactly, to Wes Anderson, but to Seu Jorge, the Brazilian guitarist who graced its soundtrack with beguilingly good David Bowie covers. When Jorge plays with Seattle Symphony, the wink may remain Anderson’s, the songs Bowie’s, but the gift that sends you faaaaaaar above the moon is pure Jorge. Benaroya Hall


Carmen Lynch

“My four-year-old niece is so cute…. The other day she’s like, ‘Why doesn’t everything have glitter?’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god. She’s totally going to do drugs one day.’” —Carmen Lynch

Oct 19 & 20 The New York stand-up keeps it charmingly dark. Laughs Comedy Club

Visual Art


Oct 12–Mar 24 Following a pair of solo shows at Oxbow gallery, and a Bumbershoot installation, Seattle artist Dylan Neuwirth lights up Bellevue Arts Museum with his neon reverie, OMNIA. Here his mix of light, virtual reality, performance, and sculpture will extend from BAM’s exterior to its interior, in an attempt to chart our fractured 21st century existence. Bellevue Arts Museum

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