For the 9th annual Linda's Fest, local metal-heads Helms Alee play Linda's Tavern on Saturday, August 25.

Fri, Aug 24
SAM Remix
The next edition of SAM's thrice-yearly art party celebrates Remix’s 10th Anniversary with one of the biggest celebrations to date. Local husband and wife artists Julie Alpert (think found-object and mixed media installations with lots of drippy colors) and Andy Arkley (think lighted, gleefully emphatic plywood and acrylic monoliths) will lead art-making experiences. Adria Garcia of Indian Summer will demonstrate her weaving prowess. And DJ J-Justice, a Remix alum, will bring the beats, along with local bands Duke Evers and Unlikely Friends. Olympic Sculpture Park, $30 – Stefan Milne

Sat, Aug 25
3rd Seattle Urban Book Expo
Sometimes art scenes can seem like echo chambers that repeat the same hyped names over and over. Break out of the loop and see what local writers of color—and lesser known names—are up to. Centilia Cultural Center, Free

Jim Woodring Presents Poochytown
Vashon resident and longtime Fantagraphics cartoonist Jim Woodring sits down for a Q&A session as he launches his latest book of psychedelic anthropomorphism, PoochytownFrye Art Museum, Free

Linda's Fest
Linda Derschang's new Belltown endeavor, set to open in September, looks like it has some refined charm, but let that take nothing from the taxidermy and tackle box aesthetic of her Pine Street pseudo-roadhouse as it celebrates its ninth annual Linda's Fest. Local headbangers Sandrider and Helms Alee provide a soundtrack heavier than the bar's usual jukebox fare. Linda's Tavern, Free

With sparse arrangements of drum machines and melodically plucked guitars, Sales ebb back and forth between incisively catchy and nearly catatonic. Perhaps that's nothing to rave about, but it's perfect for a sway-dance. Neumos, $18

Sun, Aug 26
Surreal Storytelling With Strange Women
Four "strange" women takeover Vermillion. Intriguing, no? Seattle civic poet Anastacia-Reneé reads, along with zinester Kate Berwanger, poet Meredith Clark, and filmmaker Vivian Hua. Vermillion, Free

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